September Offer

  September’s image in my 2017 Calendar is a reproduction of the painting “Moving through the dark orchard”.
When I first left college and moved down to Kent I used to go apple picking in the Autumn  and loved arriving early to the misty orchards with the air full of the scent of apples.  You would often surprise foxes in the dark shadows at that time of day.  I remember it was very hard work climbing up the trees and although you had to be quick to fill the massive apple crates to make any money you also had to be careful – apples should be treated like eggs when you are picking as they bruise so easily and they should be pushed upwards to release them from the tree, never tugged or pulled.
There is something magical and glorious about a fully laden tree, glowing with fruit and smelling apple sweet combined with the peppery scent of bark and leaf.


Both the A2 and A3 prints are on offer until the end of September in the shop.


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August Offer

The 2017 Calendar image for August is “The flame red moon”  

The Giclee print is on offer in The Mistletoe Tree Shop until the end of the month at A3 size for £60 (from £75) and large format £125 (from £150)