16 New Cards

How times change:

Twenty three years ago when our babies were tiny and all consuming I started to publish my own cards.  I printed small numbers of them straight from the computer and to my surprise they sold.

This week I have had delivery of 18000 cards representing 16 new designs and 2 popular reprints.  My catalogue now lists an amazing total of 63 cards and they sell in shops and galleries across the UK and Ireland and are dipping their toes into the US.

The collection is still growing and can be viewed in The Mistletoe Tree Shop on the website or e-catalogue.



‘The Twelve Days’ solo show

‘The Twelve Days’ show opens this Saturday 4th November in the new Lighthouse Gallery space.  Chris and Tracey have moved to the shop next door in Causeway Head and have transformed the space with the style and flair as only they can.  It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see the work up and hanging.

The show comprises of nearly 30 paintings celebrating my love of Cornwall and all things wintery along with lots of new prints and cards.  There are plentiful stocks of the 2018 Calendar and copies of all my books including ‘The Snow Angel’ by Lauren St John.

I will be in the gallery between 2 and 4pm and look forward to seeing everyone who is able to make it there on the day.