Spring Cleaning

I have had a major clear out in the studio – it was needed. At the beginning of the year I began to reduce the number of cards I was producing because the sheer amount of boxes and paper stock was threatening to overwhelm me. I then realised that I needed to do more: the walls needing painting and the floor was horrendous.

The early stages were very difficult to navigate

Then I kept slowing down to look at old favourite books and finding piles of photopraphs. This is me at 20 when I was on a Field Trip to Cornwall (of course) when I was at Central School of Art.

Gradually things got clearer and I managed to paint all the awkward corners in the window, helped by a few spiders.

The cat Nin and my beautiful daughter Chloƫ in her cat skirt came to inspect

The final and probably best bit was painting the disgusting floor. This is Farrow and Ball Modern Eggshell Hardwick White and it went on like cream, covering all the marks.

My studio is at the top of our house in Helston. It is a calm and bright space (especially now). I can hear gulls and pigeons, distance sheep and the chuck of jackdaws. I sometimes listen to the radio, sometimes music or Audible stories. Mostly now, I like silence.

There are still a few bits to do but first I need to focus on an illustration for Elementum Journal’s next edition Hearth. Once that is done I shall take a deep breath and start painting.

Whilst I have been recovering from having the operation on my eye I have had time to reflect on where I want to go this year. I have lots of ideas for things to stretch me, make my own.