This year’s overhaul of my studio brought up lots of old memories and influences and I was struck by how my book ‘The Hare and the Moon’ (due out later this year) is really the culmination of a life long obsession with place and atmosphere and the story of the changing seasons.

So in a kind of double confirmation of this my solo show at the Lighthouse Gallery this year focuses on my childhood passion for John Masefield’s story ‘The Box of Delights’ and the entrancing magic of the box containing a vision of all that is beautiful, that is Nature. It has never been so important to celebrate this fragile beauty and to revisit our profound relationship with the land and its mythology.

‘Inside the Box of Delights’
2 – 18th November at The Lighthouse Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall


May 11th: Gallery opening: Elementum Gallery, Sherborne

A mixed show celebrating the new Gallery, home of Elementum Journal including original illustrations, paintings and cards by Catherine Hyde


26th October: Book launch event for ‘The Hare and the Moon’

Events at Number 7 are famous for their magical atmosphere and warmth.  Catherine will be signing copies of her new book ‘The hare and the moon: a book of paintings’ and reading the hare’s song by the fire in the afternoon.  

Number 7, Dulverton


31st October: Book launch event for ‘The Hare and the Moon’

Join Catherine Hyde at Waterstones Truro at 7pm for an evening of reading the hares song, telling the story of the book’s journey and creating a drawing from her new book ‘The hare and the moon: a book of paintings’

Waterstones, Truro


2 -18 November: Solo Show ‘Inside The Box of Delights’

Catherine Hyde’s solo show this year at The Lighthouse Gallery takes its theme from John Masefield’s classic The Box of Delights and invites you on a journey through the landscape inside the box itself.

For the wolves are running.

Lighthouse Gallery, Penzance


November: Book launch event for ‘The Hare and the Moon’

Elementum Gallery, Sherborne


Easter Weekend

In The Catherine Hyde Shop this Easter we have free shipping in the UK for all my signed Prints and Original paintings and drawings.

The weather here in Cornwall is glorious today: All the windows are open, the birds are singing and everything is flowering and greening.

Spring Clean part 2

Once the studio was looking crisp and clean I launched into new work and then realised that I was running out of room in my three plan chests. So began another marathon. I’ve found so much paper – false starts, ideas, unfinished projects and I’ve been ruthless with these. But having worked for many years just on paper going through the drawers is like looking back at old journals. I’ve paintings and drawings of landscapes, old cats, friends and parents and looking at them takes me to visceral and vivid memories of 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. I can’t get rid of these – I don’t care if they are good or bad they are just part of me. So I have sorted life drawings, drawings, college work, watercolours, mixed media and post-college work into separate drawers. Now I can find all my newer work: the illustration roughs, final pieces, clayboards and prints easily. It all feels fresher but I still have loads to sort.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I am finding the repetition of key elements over the years – unformed and unrealised and I am suddenly aware of how much I have progressed over the last 20 years. My early work is so energetic but is jumpy, restless with no clear direction of where to take an idea or how to achieve it. Now, looking at them I know what I wanted and I now know how to get there. Which is giving me ideas..