The publication date of The Bee and The Sun is 11th November 2021 and is available to pre-order from THE SHOP now

‘My deep love for the cycles of the seasons inspires all my paintings and this book is a celebration of the profound importance of the bee as a pollinator in our world’

‘Catherine Hyde follows the journey of the bee and the sun in a calendar of glorious full colour paintings that celebrate the sensory delights of herbs, seasoned with bee and plant lore.From the rising and setting of the Pleiades, from sunrise to sunset, the bee and the sun work in harmony, a miracle of nature, growth and new life. Beneath the shifting constellations, equinoxes and solstice markers, as the bee progresses from plant to flower, acclaimed artist Catherine Hyde pays tribute to the magic and mystery of nature.

Snippets of ancient bee beliefs and plant folklore are complemented by paintings of wild thyme, saffron, meadow sweet, basil, mallow, lavender and many more delights. A book to treasure, and an ode to the wonder of nature.’


‘Ask the wild bee what the wise ones knew’


The buttercup summer

The buttercup summer: new painting available in the shop HERE

16 x 20 inches

Watercolour, acrylic and graphite on Two Rivers 300lb paper



Spring Song Cards

Spring Song Cards

This month’s special pack of 20 cards features 4 each of the following designs:

Follow the link to the shop HERE



Over the past year, I have been working on a new book called ‘The Bee and The Sun’,  a companion to ‘The Hare and The Moon’.  It is due out this November and is as full of golden sunlight and scents as I could make it.

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother’s garden which was a paradise of herbs and flowers, and the buzzing of bees and insects.  I find the glorious aromas of freshly picked mint, rosemary and oregano powerfully nostalgic and it fills me with pleasure to gather them now from my own wild-flower garden.

The collection of paintings I’ve put together represent a celebration of my deep love for the cycles of the seasons and a dedication to the profound importance of the bee as a pollinator in our world.






I am pleased to announce that I have joined ‘Love from the Artist’

LoveFromTheArtist (LFTA) is the invention of and is managed by, social entrepreneurs Ian Lacey and Lynda Harvey. It is intended as a means to contribute to the visual arts in Britain and the UK through the development of a mini “economy” that allows artists to trade with the public and earn income to support their artistic works.

LFTA is based on fair trade, is nonprofit making, supports a wide range of artists and artistic styles, and provides an open and fair opportunity for British artists, photographers and illustrators, for whom it is free to use.

Shops subscribing to LFTA also benefit from our low minimum quantities – as low as just ten cards of any mix of designs they desire. This helps everyone by opening the fantastic LFTA content to even the smallest shops to stock, and by allowing shops to ‘test the water’ with small amounts of work they might not otherwise have tried out on their customers.

I will be adding new images to the range all the time – view my Love from the Artist range HERE






February: Imbolc and Valentine’s Day mark the passing of Winter and the beginning of Spring.  The days may still be rain dark and cold but the daylight is lasting longer, the birds are singing and there is a green scent in the air.  The fertile land is stirring.




Happy New Year!

Best wishes to you all for a better, brighter, and healthier year ahead.

In the spirit of hopes for a happier year I have a new set of cards in the SHOP – ideal for keeping up with friends, thank you notes and birthday or anniversary greetings.

At the top of the year, as I like to think of it, my plans are a little uncertain.  I still have a book to finish and an exhibition to think about so more news to come as it happens.

The Hare and The Moon is currently being reprinted for the third time which is wonderful news and such a confirmation of how well it is doing in the world.



The shop is now CLOSED for orders until 28th December

You may still make purchases after this date but they will not be processed before Christmas

Wishing all my followers and customers a very Merry Christmas and hoping that next year brings us all a bit closer to a life returning to normal.



The Golden Hare

The Golden Hare

This week I upgraded my work camera to the Nikon Z5 and I have fallen in love with it.

The Golden Hare is the first print I have made from it and I think you will agree that the surface texture is gorgeous, revealing all the history and layers of its story.

It is available to purchase now in the shop HERE



Persephone’s Dream

‘Persephone’s Dream’
Catherine Hyde – Special Collection
14th ~ 28th November 2020

Available to purchase online now:

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United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1736 350555
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