The final month of the year:
By now I am normally making cakes and puddings, dusting off decorations and purchasing presents but as it is I am still working hard on my latest book.  This has so many paintings in it I can hardly move in the studio and  I can’t wait to begin to share more about it next year.  What I can promise is a book of paintings, poetry and folklore.  I wrote the first bones of this idea nearly twenty years ago and it has re-emerged transformed with the help of my publishers Head of Zeus into something much lovelier than I originally imagined.
Next year: painting, of course, and printmaking but with a different emphasis.. roll on the Winter Solstice.



The Silver Apples of the Moon


Solo Show at Foss Fine Art Battersea

10 – 28th November

Private View: 12 – 5pm Saturday 10th November

View the collection HERE

As the clocks go back

As the clocks go back

I love the clocks going back.  The change in the length of the day marks the quieting of the land in the run-up to the shortest night. Some of my most intense memories of childhood are of my wonder at the changing of the seasons and the shifts from light to darkness, darkness to light.

In the last week, I have started cooking traditional hearty stews and soups.  Today I will be lighting the candles in the window bay at 4.30:  the wood burner will be lit and the house will fill with the scents of cooking, oak and apple crumble.


Visit the Catherine Hyde Shop to see the full range of all my cards, prints, originals and books

10 new paintings

Ten new paintings

There are 10 new tiny paintings in the Catherine Hyde Shop

Hares, owls and starling murmurations

Business card sized (2.5 x 3.5 inch): acrylic on plywood panel with copper or gold leaf.



New print

New print

I’m delighted to add this new print to the Catherine Hyde Shop

‘Under the crescent moon’ will be available in A2/A3 print and a small white box frame, perfect for gifting.

The original will be available in November.



October News

I am working hard on my London solo The Silver Apples at Foss Fine Art London.  The show opens on the 10th of November till the 28th.


Catherine Hyde’s highly anticipated solo show The Silver Apples of the Moon at the newly refurbished Foss Fine Art in Battersea opens on Saturday 10 November.

113b Northcote Road (entrance Wakehurst Road) London SW11 6PW
+ 44(0)207 738 0838

Private View Saturday 10th November : 12 noon – 5pm

Foss Fine Art is delighted to present this new collection of paintings by Catherine Hyde. The established artist is well known for her richly worked and atmospheric paintings and she has been described as ‘a visual poet weaving images, symbols and archetypes into paintings that resonate in the subconscious and linger there like half-remembered dreams’.

The theme of her new collection focuses on imagery drawn from the rivers and marshlands of Cornwall and from ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus’ by W. B. Yeats. These dreamlike paintings are quiet, suggesting stories: tree-lined river valleys filled with glimpses of hares, stags and owls and snow filled skies that thrill with the murmurations of starlings.


Equinox Special Offer

Equinox Special Offer: 10% off prints, cards and postcards until Friday 28th September

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Christmas Card Mixed Packs

Christmas Card Mixed Packs

Christmas Card

‘Winter Solstice’ and ‘Christmas Card’ Sets: 25 different cards in each pack for £30.00 available HERE

Winter Solstice:

Christmas Card:

£30 per set

Find these and more in the Catherine Hyde Christmas Shop 







copper and acrylic tree, hare and moon

Gardens dreaming of summer fruit

After a long, drowsy hot summer here in Cornwall we are now at the edge of September.  This morning as I fed the hungry fish in the pond I breathed in the leaf damp, mellow air that announces Autumn.  I love the transitions of all the seasons but the richness of the change from August to September fills me with joy.  Rich red berries on the Rowan and Hawthorn against the crisping dark leaves.  Apples and pears not yet ripening but full grown.

September always feels like new beginnings to me – memories of the start of the new school year perhaps – fresh work after the dreamy slow summer.


Elementum Journal: Edition 4 ‘SHAPE’

Elementum 4 Edition 4 Shape

Elementum Journal Edition 4 Shape. I have been working with Jay Armstrong the founder of Elementum Journal for the past two years.   The Journal is an unusual and beautiful soft bound book.  It is full of wonderful stories and illustrations celebrating our relationship with the earth.

Elementum’s vision is to produce a publication about nurturing our connection to the natural world. Constantly inspired by the living world they believe that in better understanding it we will better understand our place within it.

This book gives the reader a space to reflect and absorb ideas away from the distractions of advertising, stories of human failing or imminent threat. Through the written word and the silence of image each edition brings together the scientist’s findings with the artist’s response to craft stories of transformation, exploration and intrigue. It asks questions as well as seeking to answer them, retaining curiosity and always a sense of wonder at the unknown and unseen.

Guided by a different theme for each edition, Elementum is published twice a year.

I have worked on all four editions and hope to carry on contributing in the future.   In this latest edition I have explored the architecture of Whitney Browns essay about the Elan Valley in Wales, combining the rigour of construction with the power and weight of water and the wildlife around it.



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