2022 represents a new departure for me.  I have always been fascinated by photography but am really not as technically knowledgeable as I would like so after a lot of looking and research have signed up for The School of Photography’s online courses.  I am still only working my way through the beginners’ course but I already think it is brilliant.

I want my photographs to sit alongside my paintings and I think it is inevitable that my painting eye will feed the photographs and that the photographs will feed and influence my paintings.

Either way, the journey is to find my own voice and create decently exposed and composed shots.  When I get a good one I will be adding limited edition prints to the shop.

So, even though it is still very early days this is the first one in the collection.  It was taken on one of my favourite walks along the river Cober, Helston. The heavy rain over the past few days has swelled the little river and caused wonderful mud and floods along the footpath.  This was taken early morning, just as the sun was rising over the trees on the opposite bank.




I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a happier, healthier time in 2022.  For now, and to see you through the year with images of hope and a reminder of the beauty of the world there are still some calendars available to purchase in the SHOP


December Shop

Merry Christmas!

The shop will be closed from 17th December – 2 January but orders may still be placed.

Book signing event

The Bee and The Sun

Book signing

Saturday 27th November

2 – 4pm

Seven Fables
7 High St, Dulverton TA22 9H

01398 324457

Next Saturday afternoon I will be back by the fireside in the lovely shop of delights that is Seven Fables to celebrate the publication of The Bee and The Sun.  There will lots of copies of The Bee and The Sun and The Hare and The Moon.

Please join me there or phone to order a signed and dedicated copy.

‘Some of my earliest memories are of my mother’s garden, a paradise of herbs and flowers and the buzzing of bees and insects. I find the glorious aromas of freshly picked mint, rosemary and oregano powerfully nostalgic, and it fills me with pleasure to gather them now from my own wild-flower garden.

This collection of paintings is a celebration of my deep love for the cycles of the seasons and a dedication to the profound importance of the bee as a pollinator in our world.’


The Golden Hours Show

The Golden Hours Show

The Golden Hours show has gone live online for purchases rather earlier than expected – please follow the link below to view and buy from the collection at The Lighthouse Gallery:

The Golden Hours


2022 Calendar

2022 Calendar

After much dithering and uncertainty, I have put together a new calendar for 2022.  This one is back to my original generously sized A3 version and I think it is going to look beautiful.

I am hoping that it will be available by the end of October so I have put it up for pre-order in my shop now.

Love from the Artist

Love from the Artist

New cards available from Love from the Artist

To full the full range please follow the link below



I love September with its sweet sharp air,  dusty with the scent of drying leaves.

My solo show ‘The Golden Hours’ at The Lighthouse Gallery in Penzance opens on the 6th of November so I am busy finishing work.  Many of the paintings are from The Bee and The Sun and will be accompanied by a new collection of my signature creatures: stag, owl and hare, glorying in those mellow, liminal moments of the golden hours of the day.

“With all the power and erudition of an accomplished visual storyteller,  Catherine will take gallery visitors on a journey through the seasons, celebrating the richness of the natural world as we stand on the cusp of the darkest months.”


Ask the wild bee

Where to find the amber necklace

And the golden circle




The publication date of The Bee and The Sun is 11th November 2021 and is available to pre-order from THE SHOP now

‘My deep love for the cycles of the seasons inspires all my paintings and this book is a celebration of the profound importance of the bee as a pollinator in our world’

‘Catherine Hyde follows the journey of the bee and the sun in a calendar of glorious full colour paintings that celebrate the sensory delights of herbs, seasoned with bee and plant lore.From the rising and setting of the Pleiades, from sunrise to sunset, the bee and the sun work in harmony, a miracle of nature, growth and new life. Beneath the shifting constellations, equinoxes and solstice markers, as the bee progresses from plant to flower, acclaimed artist Catherine Hyde pays tribute to the magic and mystery of nature.

Snippets of ancient bee beliefs and plant folklore are complemented by paintings of wild thyme, saffron, meadow sweet, basil, mallow, lavender and many more delights. A book to treasure, and an ode to the wonder of nature.’


‘Ask the wild bee what the wise ones knew’


The buttercup summer

The buttercup summer: new painting available in the shop HERE

16 x 20 inches

Watercolour, acrylic and graphite on Two Rivers 300lb paper