2021 Calendar

2021 Calendar

My Catherine Hyde 2021 Calendar will be available in August and I am taking pre-orders HERE.

The format this time is half A3 portrait: 148 x 420mm with wiro binding and hanger.  I think it is going to look very beautiful and being long and slim will fit into more spaces around the home and office.




Summer offer

Summer offer

The Catherine Hyde website is now four years old thanks to Tom Grant from Monrodigital who has kept it looking beautiful and working well.

Where has that time gone and how strange a year we find ourselves in?  For the past few months, like many others,  I have been working in my studio, painting the house and rearranging the furniture.  I have baked and read, listened to birdsong, and watched the quietly growing landscape.  I have wondered and worried.  It is not surprising that I have wrestled with my new book but I am finally feeling like it is going to let me in – maybe I am just relaxing enough to allow the ideas to flow.

The Hare and The Moon book has also had a strange journey this year.  My aim was for it to be a book that anchors us quietly to the cycles of Nature and the wonder of each month’s beauty and it seems that it has done that.  For some, in these disturbing times, it has even been a significant source of comfort.

This month I am offering the set of 18 Hare and Moon cards for £25.00




The Hare and The Moon card set:

Packs of 18 cards are available in the shop HERE

June Offer

June Offer

Special offer: Pack of 20 ‘The longest day’ cards for £20

Click on the image to be directed to the Catherine Hyde Shop page


June’s flower

June’s flower in The Hare and The Moon is the wonderful scented honeysuckle.

‘Used for rope-making in the Bronze age and also known as Woodbine, honeybind, trumpet flowers, Irish vine, goat’s leaf, sweet suckle and fairy trumpets.’


Coming soon as a greeting card in this set of reprints and new:




The Song of Owls

Another wonderful blog piece by Terri Windling featuring the writing of Linda Hogan and my paintings.


‘Today on Myth & Moor: owls, and nests, and the homes we make, and the ways we connect to the living world’


“I didn’t know what kind of nest it was, or who had lived there. It didn’t matter. I thought of the remnants of our lives carried up the hill that way and turned into shelter. That night, resting inside the walls of our home, the world outside weighed so heavily against the thin wood of the house. The sloped roof was the only thing between us and the universe. Everything outside our wooden boundaries seemed so large. Filled with the night’s citizens, it all came alive. The world opened in the thickets of the dark. The wild grapes would soon ripen on the vines. The burrowing ones were emerging. Horned owls sat in treetops. Mice scurried here and there. Skunks, fox, the slow and holy porcupine, all were passing by this way. The young of the solitary bees were feeding on pollen in the dark. The whole world was a nest on its humble tilt, in the maze of the universe, holding us.”


Read it here: The song of owls

MAY print


This month’s print is ‘Across the flowering earth’.

I’m particularly loving pinks, ochres and golds at the moment so it is interesting when images come to the surface again.
This was painted about 15 years ago and has always been one of my best selling cards. Last year it was used on the cover of the Hare and The Moon book.
I’ve recently had requests to reintroduce it as a print. So here she is, solo, and thoughtful under a glowing sky.


Across the flowering earth: print



This collection of paintings is joining in with the Instagram #artistsupportpledge –  an initiative set up by @matthewburrowsstudio as a way of supporting artists at a time when there are no exhibiting opportunities. All artists taking part have pledged to sell their artwork for no more than £200.00 with many selling pieces for considerably less. Once an artist earns £1,000.00 from the sale of their artwork they pledge to spend £200.00 on art from others taking part in the #artistsupportpledge

I will also be donating 10% from the sale of each painting to the NHS via Just Giving appeal

 The Staying at Home Collection


Prints & Paintings

Cards Prints Paintings

New sets of cards, small originals from The Hare and The Moon and new prints are all now available in The Catherine Hyde Shop

New Print

New Print

A new print for April – the wonderful Horse Chestnut, famous for its flowering candles in the spring and shining conkers in the autumn.

April’s tree in ‘The Hare and The Moon: a calendar of paintings’


Purchase HERE


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