She is, if you will, a visual poet weaving images, symbols and archetypes into paintings that resonate in the subconscious and linger there like half-remembered dreams or the dark fairy stories with which she has such affiliation

Pip Palmer, Galleries Magazine


Award winning artist, poet and photographer Catherine Hyde lives in Helston in Cornwall and works in her ‘studio in the sky’ at the top of her Victorian home.  She trained in Fine Art Painting at The Central School of Art in London and is renowned for her symbolic, atmospheric paintings and her poetic books. 

Winner of the Holyer an Gof Award for Poetry for The Bee and The Sun (Zephyr) and The English Association Award for The Princess’ Blankets by Carol Ann Duffy (Templar), all of her children’s picture books have been nominated for the prestigious Kate Greenaway Award for Illustration.

She produces hand-printed limited edition reproductions of her paintings and sells these along with cards, books and originals in her online Catherine Hyde Shop.



Cornwall Open Studios: 25/26 May and 1/2 June


b.1960 Dartford, Kent

1979/82: BA (Hons) Fine art painting Central School of Art, London

1978/9: Foundation studies Medway College of Design, Kent


A Sense of Wonder

I grew up in the ancient port town of Gravesend in North Kent experiencing a more urban than rural childhood but with the freedom, as was common in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s to roam and play outside all day long. This, combined with a home full of poetry and books, visits to museums and galleries, outings to castles, prehistoric sites and ancient chalk carvings all fuelled my imagination.

As a child I was lucky enough to be a precocious reader: from an early age I  galloped through Grimm (with terror at my heels), constantly revisited the melancholy world of Hans Christian Andersen and gleefully recited the poetry of AA Milne and Spike Milligan. As I grew older I read voraciously but my greatest love became increasingly for stories where I found not just lyricism but a suggestion of something more indefinable: the mystery of the landscape shaped by layers of time and the workings of man.  I was drawn back again and again to the worlds of John Masefield, L.M Boston, Eleanor Farjeon, Elizabeth Goudge, C.S. Lewis and the mighty Alan Garner – writers who dealt not just with a fantasy world but with myth, archetype, magic.  

Having studied A level Art, English Literature and History I went on to train in Fine Art Painting at Central School of Art in London. At the end of the three years, much as I enjoyed London, I was ready to leave city life and my love affair with the countryside began.  I became increasingly fascinated by folklore, the imagery of the Green Man, the mythology of the hare and of course the cycle of the seasons.

With such a rich background it is perhaps not surprising that I love referencing symbols and archetypes, layering meanings, and striving to create an atmosphere that touches upon the liminal. From an early age I have felt an affinity with the Neo-Romantic painters of the 20th century who looked back at the vision and poetry of William Blake and Samuel Palmer and in their own work explored a need to convey the spirit and sense of place with an internal, personal response.  In my own work, in trying to evoke visceral sensations of being the watcher in the landscape my aim is to paint with as much wonder as I felt as a child hearing blackbird’s song and watching the full moon rising over the garden trees.


Lighthouse Gallery, Penzance

Foss Fine Art London

John Noott Gallery, Broadway

Ainscough Contemporary London

Beaux Art Bath

Mall Galleries London

Lemon Street Gallery Truro

Iona House Gallery Woodstock

Charleston Farmhouse Sussex

Elementum Gallery, Sherborne

The Yew Tree Gallery Morvah Cornwall

The Illustration Gallery London

Falmouth Art Gallery

Towner Gallery Eastbourne

Twenty Twenty Gallery Much Wenlock



  • Publication date 10 October 2024: DARKLING: The Owl’s Song: Apollo (an imprint of Bloomsbury

  • ‘Prize-winning poet and artist Catherine Hyde celebrates the magic of the night from dusk till dawn as she follows the owl’s journey in a gorgeous book of full colour paintings.

    I turn
    to the old orchard
    where she hunts:
    a ghost glimmering
    sweet heart of the moon.
    Swooping between trees,
    a beating clock of claw and feather,
    hush winged, in half light

    As we sleep, the woodland comes to life. The owl swoops. Moths dance in the moonlight, fireflies mimic the stars, a stag grazes, badgers burrow, foxes prowl, ferns catch the dew.

    Resplendent, arresting artwork sit alongside an original poem. Prepare to be enchanted by the creatures of the night.’


  • The Bee and The Sun: a calendar of herbs by Catherine Hyde: Zephyr 2021

  • Winner of the Holyer an Gof Award for Poetry

  • The Hare and the Moon: a calendar of paintings by Catherine Hyde:  Zephyr

  • .
  • Editions 1 – 5: Elementum Journal

  • .
  • The Snow Angel by Lauren St John: Zephyr

  • The Star Tree by Catherine Hyde: Frances Lincoln 

  • Shortlisted for the 2017 Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award

  • Nominated for The Kate Greenaway Award

  • .
  • Little Evie in the Wild Wood by Jackie Morris: Frances Lincoln

  • Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award

  • .
  • Firebird by Saviour Pirrotta: Templar

  • Awarded an Aesop Accolade by the American Folklore Society

  • Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award

  • .
  • The Princess’s Blankets by Carol Ann Duffy: Templar

  • Winner of the English Association Best Illustrated book Key Stage 2

  • Nominated for UKLA and The Kate Greenaway Award






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