Latest news: HAPPY NEW YEAR

Posted: January 2, 2024


It feels very good to be welcoming in the New Year.  The weather here in Cornwall is as wet and windy as I have ever seen it but the days are already noticeably longer and that feels good.

As for my plans for this year – I still have Darkling to finish and make as beautiful as I can and am going to be part of an event here on the Lizard this August which I will be able to talk more about soon.

Photography continues to be a growing passion and I am keen to explore image making that is quite separate from my painting.  It would be an obvious step for me to create painterly images in Photoshop and I haven’t ruled it out but I am less interested in reproducing what I can already do with paint and more fascinated by the purity of black and white.

This months print offer is ‘The Cranberry Dawn’