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Art in Action was amazing, joyous, exhausting and exhilarating.




The first day saw just short of 8000 visitors with spectacular numbers overall.

I’m hoping that the rumours that Art in Action will return but evolve into something quite different materialise.

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Welcome to my site

Welcome to my site – I am officially here in the 21st Century thanks to technical wizz Tom Grant from “Monrodigital”.  He has (remarkably patiently) advised me what works and what doesn’t and created a very beautiful site for my work that also looks wonderful on tablets and mobiles.  It is great to have blog, shop, social media and  latest work all in one place.

The studio photo portraits are all displayed by kind permission of Jay Armstrong Photography, Elementum Journal.

I’m still loading the shop with goodies and will be updating the blog regularly with all my news, projects and plans.

Let me know what you think of the site!

Creating “The Star Tree”

Early study of Mia and the stag


I was keen to try working in a different medium instead of acrylic when I started to rough out ideas for ” Star Tree”. The image below is a combination of pencil crayon and watercolour, which was effective but too time consuming to build up layers of atmospheric colour.



so I moved onto to watercolour – working very loose and wet which was better:


Mia is a much older child here – the final version is a much younger child in keeping with the stories lullaby feel


Again loose and watery and atmospheric, but not quite the control I needed and too dark for text over the top


The tree worked in glorious Caran d’Ache crayons


Mia’s journey home : watercolour and crayon  proved not quite as luminous as I wanted so I decided to try Sennelier oil pastels.








“Art in Action” 14 – 17 July 2016

catherine signing


Art in Action 14 – 17 July

From the 14th – 17th July I will be at the wonderful and sadly final Art in Action at Waterperry Gardens, Oxford.  I will be demonstrating drawing and painting techniques in the Illustration Tent and showing how I created my first author/illustrator book “The Star Tree” from conception to design and the marrying together of word and image.

I will be selling cards, prints, calendars, originals and most importantly of all “The Star Tree” Book!

“In 1977, 51 artists and musicians took part in the first Art in Action and 14,000 visitors arrived. Today Art in Action welcomes approximately 25,000 people over four days. Visitors come to learn, buy and enjoy the exhibitions, classes and performances.  This July up to 400 artists, crafters, performers and musicians will gather together in Waterperry Gardens to demonstrate their skills and show their work. You can watch the potter pot, the painter paint and the sculptor sculpt. You can ask the masters of the arts of jewellery, textiles, woodwork and glassblowing about the secrets of their craft. In the ever popular Practical Classes section, you will be able to have a go yourself at the art or craft of your choice with the guidance of an expert teacher.”