Crows, trees and plans

We are half way through February already!

The year, as so often it seems is galloping away like the seasons pursuing the hare..

After many weeks of mists and cold, rain and hail today has dawned, like yesterday, softly pink. The air is still glacial but holds a scent that is murmuring about Spring edging closer.  Still and serene days like this in Cornwall are quietly suggestive and thoughtful and I am taking time to breathe in the possibilities.  I feel poised at the top of the year with so many plans waiting impatiently to be hatched: a major one that I am waiting to hear about and others concerning techniques I need to learn and bend to my will.  In the studio there is a comfortable jostle of prints, cards and books.  On my table, 25 tiny paintings in various stages of growth are waiting for decisions.  On the shelves canvases and books, poetry and thoughts nudge each other and me.  I am thinking about birds and nests.

As always I need more paint.

Image: ‘A murder of crows’ new print in The Mistletoe Tree