2022 represents a new departure for me.  I have always been fascinated by photography but am really not as technically knowledgeable as I would like so after a lot of looking and research have signed up for The School of Photography’s online courses.  I am still only working my way through the beginners’ course but I already think it is brilliant.

I want my photographs to sit alongside my paintings and I think it is inevitable that my painting eye will feed the photographs and that the photographs will feed and influence my paintings.

Either way, the journey is to find my own voice and create decently exposed and composed shots.  When I get a good one I will be adding limited edition prints to the shop.

So, even though it is still very early days this is the first one in the collection.  It was taken on one of my favourite walks along the river Cober, Helston. The heavy rain over the past few days has swelled the little river and caused wonderful mud and floods along the footpath.  This was taken early morning, just as the sun was rising over the trees on the opposite bank.




I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a happier, healthier time in 2022.  For now, and to see you through the year with images of hope and a reminder of the beauty of the world there are still some calendars available to purchase in the SHOP