I am very pleased to announce that my greetings cards are now being represented for Trade purchases from JOHN AUSTIN CARDS.  He has a superb list of artists including Seren Bell, Victoria Keeble, Anji Rooke, Flora Mclachlan and Hester Cox and I am thrilled to be showing alongside them.  John also represents wonderful works from the  ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM GALLERY.


‘Fine art quality Greetings Cards and gift wrap for trade/wholesale, based in Herefordshire

The distribution part of the business began in 1987 and works mainly with collections published by major museums including The Ashmolean Museum. We also distribute greeting cards, giftwrap, advent calendars and Christmas cards published by Aardvark Books and Artisan Cards.

The publishing part started in 2010 with a move to Herefordshire, an area with an abundance of artistic talent working in every medium.

All greeting cards are published on high-quality paper, they are blank inside and all have the same distinctive brown envelope. The giftwrap is from Christopher Rowlatts collection of his own marbling work and is published on high-quality uncoated paper.’


I am hoping that there will also be a 2024 Calendar available later in the year!

The link to my collection is HERE:

For all enquiries please contact JOHN AUSTIN 


Time for Change exhibition

Time for Change Exhibition

Time For Change Art Exhibition

2 April – 23 April 2023
10.00 – 17.00
PREVIEW Saturday 1 April, 14.00 – 18.00
Yew Tree Gallery, Keigwin, Morvah, TR19 7TS

Time For Change bursts onto the art scene, offering a fresh and liberating perspective. A guest exhibition of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, glass and original prints by well-known artists working in Cornwall, opens at Yew Tree Gallery in Keigwin on Sunday 2 April until Sunday 23 April 2023.

Spring time In Cornwall is bursting with new life, evoking feelings of optimism and boosting our mood and energy levels. Time For Change taps into that energy, with many new pieces exhibited for the first time, by well-known and well-loved artists such as Alice Mumford, Richard Sorrell, Abigail Brown, Louise McClary, Tamsyn Trevorrow, Catherine Hyde, Debbie Prosser, Andrew Lanyon, Tony Mills and Sarah Drew as well as introducing exciting new artists. The preview on Saturday 1st April 14:00 – 18:00 will be an exceptional opportunity to meet some of the artists and buy something truly inspirational!

The exhibition sees artists exploring Change in all meanings; in the use of materials, styles and in the seasons, environment and politics. It is the first collaboration from West Cornwall Creatives, a collective of over 40 artists that came into being to support the campaigning funds of St Ives Liberal Democrats, with a sense that politically, socially and environmentally, it was a Time for Change. Many local creatives were already supporters of St Ives Liberal Democrats and, as the idea of an exhibition to benefit the local party grew, so did the number of creatives that wanted to be part of it.

Artist and one of the founders, Alice Mumford, is delighted with the show’s concept: “Cornish Creatives have come together to help make a positive difference. Our aim is to help support the local Liberal Democrats to bring about a new political outlook in West Cornwall.”

Artist and co-curator Richard Sorrell said “I am delighted to be taking part in this exhibition which will bring together works by distinguished artists working in west Cornwall and I very much look forward to the opening. The show is a welcome diversion from the difficult and challenging times that we face socially, politically, economically and environmentally. This is the time for change.”


About my process:

I paint with Golden Acrylics (fluid and heavy body) on both fine-tooth canvas and gesso panels.  My first step is to loosely cover the white canvas using Van Dyke Brown, Dioxazine Purple and Paynes Grey to build a rich base.  I then work broadly, drawing with the paint, shifting the structure around, keeping the image mobile and fluid, and finding the balance. The painting is then built using layers of gels and glazes incorporating mica flakes, copper and gold leaf.  I combine thick loose brush strokes with finer detail and scumble pigments in a dry pastel-like manner to increase the shimmer and atmosphere.  Some pieces can take months and occasionally years to resolve and I find that leaving a painting on the studio shelf is helpful,  seeing it out of the corner of my eye, and accepting that it will irritate me until I finally see a way into the solution.

Working digitally in Procreate on the iPad, I employ the same approach, building layers of light and textures, working broadly, shifting the image around.

I also work on Ampersand Claybord.  This is a panel coated with Kaolin clay ground to create an extremely smooth, highly absorbent surface (similar to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance).  This is a very delicate and elegant process and pretty much the reverse of my acrylic painting technique.  I begin by drawing with soft graphite sticks and then applying Indian ink thinly with mop brushes.  I gradually build watery layers on the surface taking time to let the water slowly dry before working into it with steel wool and scalpel blades.

Although all my processes are different they are a very organic and fluid way of working which give me both freedom and control in my pursuit of vitality, atmosphere, and a quiet energy.


March news

March news

March is here and Spring is definitely in the air.  It is cold and grey here in Cornwall today but the daffodils and snowdrops are out in the garden along with my favourite bright yellow crocuses.

The print for this month is the best-selling The Nightjar’s Call.  The A3 print HERE is now £55 instead of £80 so its a good time to grab one!

the nightjar’s call