The Star Tree: book

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Shortlisted for Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Awards 2017

Nominated for the 2017 Kate Greenaway Medal


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ISBN: 978-1-84780-673-4

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The Star Tree: book

‘The Star Tree’ written and illustrated by Catherine Hyde

It is midnight on Midsummer’s Eve and Mia’s nightlight has gone out. She climbs on her rocking horse and makes a wish which takes her on a magical midnight journey.

I have written a lullaby that I would have loved as a child and would have loved to have read to my own children, who hopefully will read it to theirs.

“A wonderful demonstration of how visual and verbal artistry can work together as a truly harmonious whole.” Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub

Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award and Shortlisted for the Cambridgeshire Children’s Picture Book Award



5 reviews for The Star Tree: book

  1. Heather Cheney

    I was fortunate enough to be able to read this beautiful book, hot off the press last Friday! The Star Tree takes you on the most magical, gentle, light and lovely journey possible, and the words and illustrations are soft and quiet and perfect for eyes and ears of all ages. I believe every child should be gifted a copy of The Star Tree and to that end have bought four more copies for little people aged six and eight (and a couple of over sixties!) Catherine has a gift and a talent to reach the heart of anyone with a soul. She deserves every success and accolade possible.

  2. Stephen mcgiff

    The star tree. A book of beauty and magic. Breathtaking illustration, the sounds and scents seem to live on each page. A real joy to read and share with my young daughter. Catherine very generously put a lovely greeting to our daughter inside, the packaging was immaculate. I cannot recommend this enough, Catherine has the most incredible talent and attention to detail
    Stunning work..

  3. Hilary Farley

    The Star Tree found us! We could not have been more delighted when The Star Tree landed on our doormat.
    Illustrated so beautifully, the luminous and rich cover alone draw you into the adventure. A magical journey where fantasy comes alive and the impossible become possible.
    The Star Tree will enthral and inspire and will leave you feeling both soothed and tingly all through.
    Your imagination will be awakened.
    The Star Tree is a book to cherish and will be a book of choice at bedtime or anytime for children the world over I am sure.

  4. Catherine Hyde

    Review by Booktrust :
    “It is midnight at midsummer, and little Mia is awake in her room with the rocking horse that shines in the moonlight. When the Great White Owl comes to the window and sings to her to climb onto its back and fly away, it is only the first of many animals that will ferry her through the night: Little Red Hare, Big White Bear, Giant Stag and the Great White Goose.

    Mia’s wonderful journey takes her through the drowsy night to the Star Tree, where she finds her own special star light to bring home: back to the sleeping house where the beautiful horse with the golden mane that waits for her.

    A beautifully atmospheric book full of mythical and magical overtones, The Star Tree’s soothing colours and gentle rhythm make it a perfect bedtime read, as well as a gentle meditation on dreaming.”

  5. Catherine Hyde

    Review by Allison Reed – Goodreads member

    “This book is quite possibly one of the most unique children books I’ve ever seen. The illustrations are beautiful and very original (done in oil pastels). The pages seem to be thicker too. The tone of the story is very calm and would be perfect for a bedtime story, which it’s intended to be. I can’t wait to read this book to my son during bedtime. This would be a great gift for a little one.”

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