Latest news: Summer offer

Posted: July 8, 2020

Summer offer

The Catherine Hyde website is now four years old thanks to Tom Grant from Monrodigital who has kept it looking beautiful and working well.

Where has that time gone and how strange a year we find ourselves in?  For the past few months, like many others,  I have been working in my studio, painting the house and rearranging the furniture.  I have baked and read, listened to birdsong, and watched the quietly growing landscape.  I have wondered and worried.  It is not surprising that I have wrestled with my new book but I am finally feeling like it is going to let me in – maybe I am just relaxing enough to allow the ideas to flow.

The Hare and The Moon book has also had a strange journey this year.  My aim was for it to be a book that anchors us quietly to the cycles of Nature and the wonder of each month’s beauty and it seems that it has done that.  For some, in these disturbing times, it has even been a significant source of comfort.

This month I am offering the set of 18 Hare and Moon cards for £25.00